Malcolm MacGarnigal

The Brewer


Malcolm MacGarnigal

Concept: The Brewer Deckhand
Nation: Highland Marches
Religion: Old Faith
Age: 33

Virtue: Altruistic (take effect of risk in place of ally)
Hubris: Loyal (HP when refuses to leave ally or goes back for ally)


Seancaidah (Highlander warrior poet)
-quirk: HP when uphold ancient laws

-quirk: HP when use blade to uphold ideals

Athletics: 3
Brawl: 1
Convince: 1
Empathy: 3
Intimidate: 3
Notice: 1
Perform (highland music): 3
Ride: 1
Scholarship: 1
Weaponry: 3


Duelist Academy: Donovan (replace parry with ability to parry for another, HP to lock weapon)
Able Drinker
Hard to Kill
Riot Breaker


Malcolm MacGarnigal looks every bit of a rough and tumble highland warrior as one would stereotype. Red beard, scar covered arms and burley. But those who have taken time to get to know him on the Revenge have gotten to hear epic tales of the MacGarnigal clan, their love of the whiskey and the tragic assault on their ideals.

With bardic style which leaves the crew wondering which elements were embelished or made up, the story is told:

The MacGarnigal clan has not abandoned its ancient beliefs or old faiths for thousands of years.
At the heart of the belief, they believe that whiskey is an elixir of the soul which brings out the true nature, strengths and weaknesses of people. “No one lies when under the spell of whiskey”. There is no deceit, cowardice, feigned friendship, only truth. The truth of the soul is not always pretty but it is honest and therefore respectable.

The ancient MacGarnigal values honesty, loyalty and valour above all. They are extremely wary to the point of superstitious of deceitful people, or those who engage in deceitful arts, such as manipulation, or sorcery that influences the moods of others.

The MacGarnigals have enjoyed a proud history of Seanchiadah heritage amd spread their tales of heroism and dedication to the fermented peat. As young men and women they are sent to train in the duelist art of Donovan, a style focused on protecting others and honour. However, Unlike traditional duelists, the weapons of choice for the MacGarnigals are modified distillery tools.

The MacGarnigal Distillery, located on the northern most point of the country, was a renowned distillery with a reputation of having the finest whiskey in the Highlands. However, only those deemed worthy of the ancient beliefs were permitted to taste the elixir, and as such, few living have experienced its taste.

Malcolm MacGarnigal is one of the last of the Clan. When Malcolm was in his late teens, while he was finishing his training with Donovan, the MacGarnigal Distillery was raided and sacked by Avalon privateers under the fraudulent pretence that the MacGarnigals had commenced a rebellion against the Queen. In the raid, any of the MacGarnigal clan at the Distillery, including Malcolm’s family, were killed defending the distillery and each other. No MacGarnigal will ever flee when others need help.

Malcolm returned to the ruins of the distillery, finding in the rumble half of the recipe for the MacGarnigal whiskey. In his search of the rubble, he also found a commission that must have fallen from a privateer. The commission to raid the distillery was not from Avalon, but from a rival distillery baron, Jameson Jax.

For over a decade, Malcom has scouring the countryside with his bladed oar, flask of the last remaining MacGarnigal whiskey and his bagpipes, searching for Jax who has always managed to stay elusive. The Jax distillery itself is heavily fortified like a warcamp and built into the side of a highland. Malcolm has recently learned that Jax has taken refuge on another Privateer ship under an unknown pseudonym, but the ship is Captained by Seamus Smithwick. This twist of fate has Malcolm getting himself hired as a deckhand on various pirate ships, associating himself with notorious and deceitful pirates that stand contrary to the virtues of loyalty and honour.

Since the battle with Trebreane, where the crew witnessed MacGarnigal’s prowess with his bladed oar, he was promoted to sargeant at arms of the ship. However, he has become more reserved and reclusive and has been avoiding the officers of the ship.


Malcolm MacGarnigal

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