Destro Tetegia

A strong willed pirate, top notch crafter, with a deadly right hook.


Nation: Irismore
Religion: Old Faith

Brawn: 3
Finesse: 2
Resolve: 3
Wits: 3
Panache: 2

Aim: 1
Athletics: 3
Brawl: 3
Convince: 3
Empathy: 1
Hide: 0
Intimidate: 3
Notice: 0
Perform: 2
Ride: 1
Sailing: 0
Scholarship: 2
Tempt: 0
Theft: 0
Warfare: 1
Weaponry: 0


Direction Sense
Time Sense
Masterpiece Crafter
Sorcery x2

Arcana: The Hero
Virtue: Courageous
Hubris: Foolhardy

Sorcery: Knight Embodiment
Dunstan The Outsider
Major Trait: Brawn – Reduce The Villain – Rank 2
Minor Traits: Wits – Arrow Catch – Rank 2/Luck – Heroic – Rank 2


Born and raised in a small town off the Inismore shores, Destro grew under his father’s tutelage learning to think with is brain, and to fight hard with his fists. Being raised by his father; one of the few remaining Master Crafters of Inismore, Destro was heading down the path to become a Master Crafter and pursue his dreams of following the footsteps of The Old Faith, to one day become a Legend.

Until one day, in the dead of the night his town was attacked by an Avalonian battleship lead by Captain Eric Treibreen tasked with eliminating The Master Crafters of the Inish Resistance. As Destro’s town was ravaged by flames and his people murdered, he ran, sadly running right into the Captains clutches to where him and his best friend Aris were taken prisoner aboard the battleship where they worked amongst the crew for 3 years, whilst subtly plotting their revenge. Unfortunately near execution of their plan due to certain circumstance Triebreen killed Aris throwing Destro into a fitting rage causing him to unleash a glimmering power he never had before. Using this power barely managed to force his way off the ship where he drifted the sea for years.

Recollecting himself over the years Destro became aware of the path he must take, to abolish his past by taking the life of the man who destroyed his life. Only then could he be born anew, born legendary…

His first step is to track down his enemy through others he has wronged…

After an altercation within the 7th Sea, The Revenge came across a small fleet of what seemed to be Avalonian warships but upon a closer look, Destro immediately recognized it as Triebreen’s ships. As his heart pounded with rage Destro commanded the helms to head towards the ships, but the other side had the same idea… As the ships came closer cannons began firing, but Destro’s only goal was to get aboard the main ship. Midway through the naval battle; the helmsmen decided to ram the main ship, Destro used the opportunity to board the main ship where he came across Captain Triebreen. After engaging battle with Triebreen, Destro giving his all thinking he had no reason to lose, taking advantage of every moment Destro was most vulnerable, Treibreen launched his attacks until Destro could no longer stand. With every last ounce of his strength, Destro barely managed to escape onto The Revenge where beore passing out he yelled: “Triebeen! Think not lightly of your victory today, for the next time we meet I shall give you the gift that he left behind…”
When Destro awoke, he was upon the Avalonian ship with his crew, and it seems Triebreen was let go…

Destro Tetegia

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