Captain von Müssel ("The Siren")

A mysterious, pale and dark-haired woman with a chip on her soldier, a coin between her teeth, and something to prove.


Nation: Sarmatian Commonwealth
Religion: Vaticine

Brawn: 2
Finesse: 3
Resolve: 2
Wits: 3
Panache: 3

Aim: 1
Athletics: 1
Brawl: 0
Convince: 2
Empathy: 0
Hide: 0
Intimidate: 2
Notice: 1
Perform: 2
Ride: 0
Sailing: 3
Scholarship: 1
Tempt: 3
Theft: 0
Warfare: 1
Weaponry: 3

Ship Captain

Married to the Sea
Sea Legs
Sorcery x3
Direction Sense
Signature Item: Gilitine, a beautiful and glistening longsword made of two different types of metal, creating the visual appearance resembling that of a guillotine. Its hilt is black with silver trim, and a crest is emblazoned on the butt of the weapon: a wreath of ivy surrounding a single tear drop.

Virtue: Glorious
Hubris: Arrogant


The Revenge’s hardened Quartermaster is one of the most recognizable faces onboard the ship, given her long shifts and ever-present gaze over the busy top-deck. A wily, mischievous yet steeled young woman of 27, she stands at a respectable 5’5" behind the wheel, sharp emerald eyes scanning the horizon and piercing through the waves as she expertly guides The Revenge from port to port, through calm lagoons and across the roughest of seas. Long, but thin black hair spills out from beneath the triangular hat that sits atop her head, three raven’s feathers peaking out from its brim, unbound and wild, though often tied into a ponytail when she’s not keen on it distracting her from her work. She wears a long, navy coat above her otherwise simple garments: cotton shirt and pants, thick leather boots and gloves, and a broad, silk sash bound around her waist. Several gem-encrusted rings adorn her slender fingers, and she is rarely seen without some sort of gold or silver trinket (or trinkets) looped around her neck, offsetting her pale skin. She has a natural, attractive beauty to her: a slender face, alluring (if not commanding) eyes, noticeable curves and a swagger to her step that screams of self-confidence, making her a mighty fine catch for those interested… though aside from her looks, she also carries a reputation.

Captain Cassandra von Müssel also boasts the nickname of “The Siren,” and for more reasons than one. A notorious pirate queen, thief and plunderer, she has ruled the seas south of the Sarmatian Commonwealth for nearly a decade uncontested, until recently. A certain mystique trails the woman, one that you likely have noticed if you have worked a shift under her supervision or seen her command The Revenge from her position at the wheel: wherever she sails, no matter how rough, the very sea seems to bend to her will, calming wherever she drives the vessel and stirring into raging froth and waves moments later. It is known widely across the southern oceans that her ship, The Reaper, was often reported emerging from the fog and violent seas just moments before its targets met a dismal end. And in addition to her seemingly otherworldly powers, The Siren is also known for the men and women she took aboard her ship from port-side towns and villages whom were never seen or heard from again, rumours often spreading that she had seduced or ensnared the minds of her recruits into remaining in her servitude for the rest of their days.

And it is under the watchful gaze of this menacing but wily woman that you now sail aboard The Revenge, and perhaps that is lucky for you… for who better to navigate the seas then one who can bend them to her will?

Captain von Müssel ("The Siren")

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